Sale And Leaseback

Funding The Digitizing Trade Programme 

Digitizing the familiar barcode for Trade

In 1973, the bar code changed Trade with GTIN     

In 2023 GTINTOKEN ™ is changing Digital Trade

The Digitizing Trade Programme Brings Together

- TRADE GATEWAYS Digital Trade Network                                     - Leading B2B Marketplaces 
- The GTINTOKEN ™ Programme

Sale and Leaseback to fund GTINTOKEN ™ Provides

- Purchase of a Prime Domain in the Programme
- Providing An Annual Yield of 100% for 5 yrs
- 5 Year Rent Paid Up Front
- Payment in the TRADE GATEWAYS Token
- Programme Token scheduled for major Growth
- Paypal Buyer Protection Programme

Helping to connect Digital Trade Islands

Helping To Bridge Digital Trade Standards gaps

Across an Asset Tokenization Platform