Sale And Leaseback Offer

11th To 15th December 2023

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee


Why will TRADEGATEWAYS  boom?

Because of its Utilization in the Digitizing Trade Programme
In 1973, the bar code changed Trade with GTIN     
In 2023 GTINTOKEN ™ is changing Digital Trade
The Digitizing Trade Programme Includes: - The TRADE GATEWAYS Digital Trade Network   - Leading B2B Marketplaces  -  The GTINTOKEN ™ Programme


Sale and Leaseback to fund GTINTOKEN ™ :

- Prime Domain Purchase 
- Providing An Annual Yield of 100% for 5 yrs
- 5 Years Rent Paid Up Front
- Payment in the TRADE GATEWAYS Token
- Token scheduled for major Growth
- Paypal Buyer Protection Programme