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What are brownfield registers?

The term ‘brownfield land’ refers to derelict and underused land. In a recent government scheme, brownfield land registers will be compiled and maintained by each local authority and the registers will provide public information about brownfield land that is available locally.

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) have introduced the cataloguing system to speed up development of derelict and underused land that can be used for new homes and help sites that are suitable for new housing developments to be easily identified.

How do brownfield registers work?

All brownfield sites within a region will be included in a local register, whatever their planning status. There will be a subset to that register which will list those sites that the local authority mark with ‘permission in principle’ which will indicate the sites that are suitable for development prior to submitting a planning application. This allows developers to quickly see which land is suitable for housing schemes.

The introduction of brownfield registers supports the Home Building Fund, available from the government, to small, community and custom builders.

Meaning of Permission in Principle

Permission in principle settles the fundamental principles of development. A developer cannot proceed with development, however, until they have also obtained technical details consent.

What is technical details consent?

The technical details consent will assess the detailed design, ensure appropriate mitigation of impacts and that any contributions to essential infrastructure are secured. It must be determined in accordance with the local development plan, and other material considerations.